Everyone has an online reputation. The only question is do you have a say in yours?

One negative review can drive away hundreds of potential customers, making it essential for businesses today to keep an eye on their online reputation and manage it accordingly. Online reputation management helps businesses create stability, thwart any misleading trends and allow you to present customers with the best version of yourself.

Why does your online reputation matter :

  • According to Edelman insights, two out of three people view Internet as the most reliable source of information about a business.
  • 70% of hiring managers reject a candidate because of something they find online as per a survey by cross tab.
  • According to BIA Kelsey, 97% of individuals refer to online reviews when looking at local businesses.
  • As per Digimind, 80% of reputation damage comes from a variance between the hype and reality.
  • Your online reputation is permanent. Negative comments about you online, can put you at a disadvantage if you are not aware of it. Tackling any bad reviews are the best solution.

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