We are empowering businesses and organizations around the globe with our cutting-edge digital products. A unique service, which makes us truly stand out from our competitors.

We design and develop such products that enable you and your organization to connect with people on a functional level. We tailor services that help to conceive and engineer the products that not just ensure smooth business operations but that bridge the gap between the digital and physical world.

Some of the Digital Products we offer:

Digital Download Platform

A comprehensive E-commerce solution for selling digital products. A platform that provides an effortless way to sell online.

Membership Website

If you have an E-commerce portal, you surely would not just want visitors on your website but also people who become your regular customers. Paid membership program allows your customers to become paid members of your digital portal with advantages such as registration & profile fields, protected member content and robust member management.

Muti-language translation of website

If the internet transcends borders, then why not your business? We help you create a multilingual website that can enable your business operations to expand. Targeting global masses is now possible and RnD makes it possible.

Affiliate Networking

Have a WordPress website? Leverage affiliate marketing on your site with our easy-to-use, reliable and avant-garde affiliate marketing tools that will not just grow your business but also help you earn more revenue.

Online communities for work/non profit

Build an internal social network for your company, similar to Facebook. Allow your followers or customers to connect and engage with your brand through online communities.

Bulk email campaign

We help your business to stay connected and reach out to the maximum number of people possible. We create software and platforms that enable your business to tap the digital power and ramp up their email marketing.

Online college/ Training website

Why have an educational website when you can create a platform or a portal that allows the complete educational life cycle online ? We have all the expertise, tools and skills to help you achieve your goals of powering an educated digital world.

We will build a comprehensive vision on how you can and how you should interact with your customers and use the power of innovation to create experiences that people love. Let us help your brand make sense of the technological landscape with the best-in-class digital products.